Who We Are

About Us

Augen Design offers a range of services aimed at providing solutions to the most challenging of architecturally designed elements for both commercial and residential construction projects.

We turn ideas into reality.

Augen design is a unique enterprise combining the originality and individuality of experienced designers with the knowledge of manufacturing that allows ideas and concepts to become reality. This combination permits the most innovative approach to problem solving and the achievement of practical solutions.

Established in 2005, Augen Design is a company based on strong foundations of skill and empathy towards materials and aesthetics with an innovative approach to providing practical solutions for their clients.

Exceptional intellectual ability, creativity and originality.

Augen has worked on many prominent projects delivering a service that is unmatched in their industry. We have in depth knowledge of the manufacturing processes and requirements, which ensure all aspects and possibilities, are covered on each individual project. This knowledge, experience, and ability are what gives us the capacity to achieve superior results on complex projects with an unprecedented insight.

With a wealth of knowledge we are able to use inventive ways to achieve the best practical outcomes. Individuality, function, durability, innovative use of materials and creative aesthetics are the norm, not the exception at Augen, when designing products and achieving projects.

Empathy, experience and a hands on approach.

Sylvain Haass, Company Director of Augen Design started his career many years ago in Industrial design as a product designer. His commitment and dedication has seen him develop a company that values its clients and provides an unrivalled level of experience. Sylvain has extensive knowledge of a substantial variety of materials and offers empathy, experience and a hands on approach to all aspects of design, 3d documentation, manufacturing, fabrication and installation. He draws on his design and affinity to aesthetics to ensure all projects meet the design intent created by the initial team of architects.